COVID19: Club Announcement

March 24, 2020

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Canterbury Tennis Club is now closed for social and competition tennis.

The only use of the courts shall be for Nima Tennis to continue to run private single-person lessons only.

We have taken this drastic step due to the medical evidence that the coronavirus is extremely contagious, and can last for hours to days on surfaces such as tennis balls, gates, nets, door handles etc.
Additionally, people are carriers before they are symptomatic.  It is not possible to know whether one is or is not a carrier and infected at any one time.

As per the announcements from the federal and state governments, now is the time to cease non-essential social gathering to halt the spread of coronavirus.

Therefore we feel the responsible action is to close the courts except for the very restricted case of single-person coaching, where the risk can be reduced to a low level.

Please see Nima Tennis information here:

We will review the situation during these school holidays, and have further updates in April.

Phil Jay
CTC President