Coaching With Nima Tennis

Resident Club Head Coach Nima Roshan is a former world top 200 player.  Nima and his team deliver world class tennis programs and services for players of any age and level.

At Canterbury you’ll see their passion for Tennis shine through as they coach the sport that keeps millions worldwide fit and healthy, both mentally and physically throughout life.

Nima Tennis players are aged from 3 to 70+ and all enjoy the many benefits of playing tennis in a productive, fun and social environment.

Lessons & Services

Junior Programs include Red, Orange, Green and Yellow ball stages plus Tournament Training, School Holiday and Kindy Tennis.
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Adult Programs include Ladies Morning Tennis, Friday Night Lights, Night Comp Training, and Team Practices.
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Private Lessons with world-class instruction to help you achieve your personal goals.
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Stringing, Gear and Other Services

Nima Roshan
Director of Tennis

Nima Roshan brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his extensive tennis career. Having played club competition, tournaments, high school tennis, American NCAA tennis, and on the ITF/ATP Pro Tour, his tennis experience ranges from a rich and diverse background.

As a coach, he has developed a high level of expertise from years of international experience studying the game and having leading roles at tennis clubs where he has worked with players of all ages and abilities.

Prior to starting Nima Tennis at Canterbury, Nima was the Head Coach of Kelly Tennis, a successful tennis business at CTC for over 20 years.  Prior to this, he was the Director of Racquets at Concord Country Club in West Chester, PA, USA.

Nima is dedicated to helping every player improve and enjoy tennis as a lifelong sport.

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Phone: 0491 080 665