Boroondara Council Initiative – Tennis Anyone?

Boroondara Council is conducting an initiative during the month of February to publicise the availability and attractiveness of tennis within the area, and to encourage as many people as possible to participate. The exercise is known as TENNIS ANYONE? and the Council has full information on its website at

Members are asked to cooperate with extra usage of the courts during this month. Although we have a good membership base, it is always necessary to encourage new members to replace those who move away or drop out. Additionally, since Council is conducting a mass advertising blitz to support the activity, Canterbury club will do its bit to ensure the venture is successful in building momentum on the back of the Australian Open. It is worth cultivating good relations with the council, particularly as we approach the time for our clubhouse renovation.

Canterbury Tennis Club will be contributing to the activity in the following ways:

  • On our turn to host Friday Twilight Tennis, Friday 17 February from 7.30 pm until 9.30 pm: this will be free to all-comers. Balls will be provided, and players organised into rotating pairs for doubles played using the Fast 4 format (shorter games with first to 4 games, play the let, sudden death deuce). The other clubs within the Twilight arrangement, Greythorn, Deepdene and North Balwyn, have similarly agreed to participate on their respective turns to host Friday night Twilight Tennis during February. In other words, there will not be a request for a Gold Coin donation.
  • On all 4 Friday mornings during February, 9 am until 11 am: free social play. Balls will be provided, players organised into pairs, no charge to participants. The club coach, Linda Kelly, has kindly agreed to supervise this time.
  • On all 4 Sunday afternoons during February, 2 pm until 5 pm: at least 2 courts will be available for casual users to organise their own playing partners and groups. Balls will be provided, no charge to participants. If there is high demand, we may need to ration court usage by asking any singles players to combine into a four at the end of their current set. Committee members will be present to organise the activity on each Sunday.