2017 January Working Bee

Many thanks to the approximately 15 members who attended to assist with the working bee on Saturday 28th January. A great deal was achieved,  Including re-fixing the shade cloth on the bottom courts, trimming intruding herbage above the path next to the bottom courts and from the adjoining property next to the top courts tidying the garden, cleaning the fridge, washing down the veranda and other general maintenance tasks.

Although everyone cheerfully made a huge contribution, perhaps special commendations go to:

  • Bridget Larkin for her meticulous sweeping and tidying of the court surrounds;
  • to Sue Constance for her energetic work organising the garden work (particularly for her direction of Tim in the trimming sphere!) followed by a sterling effort in obtaining provisions for the BBQ and in preparing and cutting up food;
  • To our president, Stephen Liu, for his efforts with the Karcher on the veranda, removing all spider webs and bird muck;
  • To Dominic Lai, our IT guru, for sending out notices by email and coordinating the responses for the committee;
  • To Eleanor for her sterling efforts in cleaning the fridge and inside the club room;
  • To master chef Chris Thomson for cooking the sausages to perfection, it must be said with all modesty (the president insisted on that line!);
  • and not least to our wonderful Maintenance Officer, Mark Watkinson who planned and coordinated the whole enterprise, provided necessary equipment, worked in the warm sun to re-affix the shade cloth, and cleaned up afterwards, removing a very full green waste bin to his home and promising to return over coming weeks to remove the rest of the herbage.

The whole exercise was performed in brilliant weather, and was followed by lunch then an enjoyable afternoon of social tennis. As with last year, it was a most enjoyable day, conducted in amiable spirit. It is recognised that many other members expressed regret they could not attend because of family commitments over the weekend, however the committee thought it desirable to take advantage of the last day before competition resumed to engage all the willing helpers who were around.


The clubhouse carpet will be steam cleaned shortly. Also, the net on Court 3 is about to be replaced. And the air conditioner is marked for repair, and hopefully will be done by the time this bulletin is read.  Circumstances prevented these tasks being completed during January.