Mark Watkinson – Life membership

Every now and again, the club honours people who have served the club, in an outstanding manner, over many many years.  We do this by awarding a life membership to the club.  It’s not redeemable or transferable, but it is treasured by those who hold it.

I’m delighted to award a life membership this afternoon, to a person who has made & continues to make lasting contributions to the club.

Mark Watkinson!

Mark has been on the committee for 12 years.  In that time, Mark hasn’t played much tennis unfortunately.  However, he has lead by example off the court by organising working bees, organising trades to carry out repairs, obtained quotes for services, liaised with council, making running repairs, updated honour boards, ensured bins were put out each week.  If he performed at this level on court, then look out Djokovic!  Mark is also the club child safety officer, as well as an active participant on the sub-committees relating to the club house rebuild project, and the court resurfacing.  Thus, the legacy of Mark’s volunteering is not just that things work, but things have been built for the long term.

Mark Watkinson Life Member