Club Working Bee: October 1st

Working Bee

Calling all willing and able bodies to a club working bee held on Sunday October 1st, from 8:30am – 10:30am.

Please help with making the club house, courts and garden environment tidy and inviting for all.

The tidy up will be followed by a BBQ lunch and a social hit of tennis.


Items and issues to address:

• “Garden” between Courts 3 & 4 and kindergarten requires removal of weeds, grass and – with great care – other random debris/objects. May look at planting trees/shrubs later on, once this becomes a much clearer area.

• “Garden” bed along Croydon Road/Courts 1 & 2 also requires attention to weeds and grass.

• The narrow area between Courts 1 & 2 and the sleeper wall also requires cleaning/raking (CTC has a small, handy implement for this task).

• Garden on path near ramp and letterbox requires weeding and pruning.

• Sleepers (cut and supplied) to be attached (bolted – supplied) to sleepers at base of cyclone fence on Courts 3 & 4.

• More hooks (supplied) to be hung with cable ties (supplied), on cyclone fences for drag nets to be placed on.

• There will be a skip or similar on site to take away what we move/remove.

• BBQ will be supplied around 10:30am.

The old adage “Many hands make light work” still applies. Whatever time you may have available to assist with these tasks will be greatly appreciated. If you are able to assist, please consider bringing your own gardening gloves, shovel, pruning shears, a trowel and/or rake.

The aim is to be out of the way of courts by 12:00 as some Club Doubles matches may be booked for the afternoon.


Mark Watkinson

CTC Committee,
Maintenance portfolio