Record Attendance at the Club (COVID-19 measure)

Update October 20, 2020: COVID restrictions apply – singles tennis (2 people per court) only.
* 10 people maximum allowed at the club at any one time
* Coaching: 2 students maximum allowed (plus a coach)

One of the ways we’re keeping safe during the coronavirus pandemic is to record attendance at the club. Should there be an infection reported to us, then we can contact those potentially effected. Records of attendance are a requirement from Boroondara Council for us to be able to open the courts to members & coaching.

You must provide all players details (inc. full names) at the time of registration.
Do not register for multiple courts in your own name – you can’t be on more than one court at a time!

To record your attendance, simply select the day, time and court you are playing on. Please provide the details of those who you are playing with in the comment field.

If the person you play with changes after you filled in the form please send an email to with a note along the lines of: “different person – Jane Smith – joined me on court 3 at 1:30pm”.

If this system fails, please record your attendance by email to:

To help us stay COVID safe, here are the rules:

  • Club courts restricted to members only
  • Limits per court:
    • 2 people maximum (singles tennis only)
    • Coaching: 2 student maximum allowed (plus a coach)
  • Clubhouse is not open or available for use
  • Accessible unisex toilet is available
  • Use the hand sanitiser available on the inside of the gates
  • Bring your own pre-filled water bottles, do not use the drink taps
  • Bring your own balls and racquets, do not share equipment
  • Do not socialise at the club – when not playing you are required to depart
  • Limit hitting to 1 hour during busy periods
  • You do not need to sweep the courts

Tip: you can select more than 30 minutes at a time using the “To / Duration:” selection box below.

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